Monday, 6 February 2012


Rating: 18+ 

Khushi was in a daze. It vaguely registered that it started to rain by the time she reached near the gate of the temple. She didn't have an umbrella and either way, she thought it will calm her mind if she sits in front of Devi Maiyya at the temple for a while. She ran back into the temple and sat at a corner. She just closed her eyes. There were no tears. Yet. Did she just say goodbye to Arnav? To never meet him again? Is that why she was finding it difficult to breathe? Is this what love brought? She hugged her knees and rested her forehead on top of them. She didn't realize the time flying as every single moment she ever spent with Arnav flashed through her mind.

Arnav was speeding like a maniac. Why shouldn't I? Khushi isn't with me. Damn! He said to himself. Everything doesn't have to be about her. His head was reeling as he realized that he would never see her again. He had just said goodbye. How is this possible? How is it possible that he will never see those wide, innocent eyes again? Or those quivering lips? Or that pretty nose stud that suited her so well? Will he never hear her non-stop annoying chatter? He slammed on the brakes and closed his eyes, leaning back. He had never been too much of a sucker for happiness for himself. But, now that the happiness was sucked away, he realized that he had been happy these past weeks when Khushi was around him. Sighing, he opened his eyes to look at his watch. He had been driving around aimlessly in the heavy rain for 5 hours. It was 11. He looked at his phone and saw a bunch of missed calls from Akash and Di. She must be worried, he thought. Swearing under his breath, he drove back home.

Walking into his house, he didn't want to even talk to his Di although he knew she was going to shout at him. As expected, she looked worried sick as she rushed towards him, but he was completely taken aback when her first question was "Chote, Khushiji ke baare mei kuch pata chala?"

"Khushi ke baare mei? Kya hua usko?" Arnav tried to swallow his panic as he asked the question.

"Oh. Hume laga tumhe Akash ne bataya aur tum unhe dhoond rahe the issliye phone nahi uthaaya. Khushiji ab tak ghar nahi pahunchi hai Chote."

Arnav felt like the ground was slipping from under his feet. "Ghar nahi pahunchi matlab?! 11 baj gaye Di! Ghar kaise nahi pahunchi?!"

"Wahi toh Chote. Aur itni zor ki baarish ho rahi hai. Ye bhi abhi thodi der pehle ghar pahunche aur keh rahe the ki baarish ki vaje se raaste band hai."

"Haan Bhai. Maine abhi abhi Payalji se baat ki hai, abhi tak unhe kuch pata nahi chala" said Akash, who just walked in from outside, drenched. "Mai bhi unhe dhoond raha tha. Aap phone nahi utha rahe the toh ghar aa gaya to check if there's any news."

"I'll find her" said Arnav, walking out "Call me if you hear anything."

"Chote.." started Anjali, but he was already out of the door.

The panditji had shaken Khushi out of her stupor at 10 to let her know that everyone was leaving the temple. He advised her to hurry as the rains were really bad and he heard that some roads were closing. Panicking at the late hour, Khushi rushed out in the heavy rain. She walked for a bit hoping to find an auto, but to her dismay, the roads were empty. It was dark and the rain was rather merciless. Wondering if she should be walking alone in such an hour, Khushi tried waiting under a tree so that no one from the road could see her and she was mostly sheltered from the rain. After waiting for about an hour, she decided she had to walk. There really was no other option as she hadn't seen a single vehicle on the highway in the one hour that she stood there. The rain was in no mood to lessen either. She started walking as fast as she could.

Arnav barely remembered the drive to the temple. The roads were empty as several roads were blocked due to the heavy rains. There was not a soul anywhere. He couldn't remember the last time he felt so helpless and panicked. The temple was empty. He rushed back into his car and sped towards the highway that lead to Khushi's house.

When he slammed on the brakes next to Khushi, for a moment, he thought he was hallucinating. Then, when he saw her jerk away and almost fall off the road in fear, he realized it really was her. For a few seconds, Khushi thought the car had hit her. The noise of the breaks and the sudden light disoriented her. As she turned in shock, she recognized the pearl white SUV.

The next thing she knew, she was in Arnav's arms. He was crushing her to himself. The relief of finding someone in this situation and the satisfaction of it being Arnav poured into her as she hugged back with all her strength. Suddenly she felt herself being jerked away from him as he held her shoulders, a few inches away from himself.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Khushi?!" he shouted "Tum paagal ho gayi ho? Itni baarish mei iss waqt tum akele iss road pe ghoom rahi ho? Dimaag kharab ho gaya hai tumhaara? Tumhaare gharwaale kitna pareshaan hai! Di bhi ro rahi hai! Aur mai kitna dar.." They stared at each other for a few moments as the rain crashed down on them and the unsaid words filled the silence.

Then, shaking himself, Arnav opened the door and pushed her in. Then walking over, he got in himself. After taking a deep breath, he called her home. Khushi's Amma picked on the first ring saying "Khushi?" in a broken voice. Arnav tried to put in as much assurance as he could into his voice as he said "Mai Arnav. Khushi mil gayi hai. Mere saath hai. Aap chinta mat kijiye, mai khud usse chodne aaunga. Time lagega kyunki raaste band hai. Aap usse baat kijiye" After Khushi assured her mother that she was fine and that once the roads are clear, she'll be home, Arnav let his Di and Akash know as well and then put the phone away, leaning back against his seat, closing his eyes.

He tried to block out how he felt in those moments between finding out she was missing and then actually finding her. The relief that poured into his veins when she was finally in his arms was something he would never forget.

He shook his head fiercely, NO. He had to forget … He had just told her in no uncertain terms that he was the maker of his own destiny.

And here he was within a few hours of making that statement, back with Khushi Kumari Gupta in his car. Worried sick, and completely irrational, after telling her that he wanted her out of his life.

DAMMIT, he banged his fist on the steering wheel in frustration, stepping on the accelerator automatically.

The car sped through the deserted dark highway, and Khushi clutched her seat belt tightly as the same familiar feeling of dread crept through her. What did he want? She had lost count of the number of times she had asked herself that. He knew of her fear of speeding, and yet …

‘Gaadi rokiye’, she mustered up the courage and said sharply. On getting no response from him, she said it louder, ‘humne kaha gaadi rokiye’.

The car came to a sudden halt and she felt herself being flung into the dashboard with the force. Un clipping her seat belt in one swift motion, she opened the door before he could react and stepped out onto the cold wet street.

‘Hume appki zindagi mein aur aapki gaadi mein aane ka koi shauk nahi hain, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. Hum ghar apne app chalen jayenge’, she shot at him angrily, before slamming the door on his stunned face.

FINE, he said under his breath and sped off seeing her drenched, forlorn figure in the rear view mirror, staring after him, and then around at her surroundings.

For the fourth time that evening he slammed his foot on the brakes and reversed the car towards where she still stood uncertainly. Stopping beside her, he lowered the window and asked her to get in.

‘Humne aapse kaha na…’ Khushi began saying, all ready to give him a piece of her mind.

Before she could finish, he was out of the car and looming in front of her. Khushi took a few tentative steps back, as he stared at her and told her to get into the car through gritted teeth.

Khushi continued to stare at him defiantly.

It was a sudden cloudburst that shook them out of their intense eye lock, and Arnav gathered her swiftly in his arms. Opening the door closest to him, he shoved her into the back seat, and getting in himself, shut the doors.
The sudden silence of the enclosed cabin enveloped them, as the hammering of the torrential rain could be heard on the roof of the car.

Khushi looked around her uneasily, and suppressed a shiver, realizing that she was thoroughly drenched. She swiftly opened out her hair, shaking it dry. Droplets flew all around and Arnav blinked in a state of bewilderment as some even landed on his face. Now taking a corner of her dupatta, she tried unsuccessfully to wipe the wetness of her face and neck.

The sudden prickling behind her neck, made her look up towards Arnav and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she watched him looking at her in fascination. He had the same glazed look in his eyes that she had seen at the poolside on Diwali at the Raizada Mansion. Khushi felt a shiver go down her spine, and knew it had nothing to do with her feeling cold, this time.

Arnav stared spell bound at the drops of water that clung to her translucent skin. Her wet hair framed her face and tiny droplets of water still fell from them. She tried to wipe them with her already drenched dupatta and was only succeeding in making herself more wet. He swallowed painfully as he felt himself being drawn towards her.

Slowly he reached up and stalled her hand from touching her face again. He gently removed the dupatta from her clutched fingers, all the while staring into her panic filled innocent eyes.

Khushi was immobilized as she watched his face come closer to hers slowly. She could not remember when he had reached out and cupped her face in his hands holding her steady for him.

He groaned when their mouths made contact. If he had not held her against him, Khushi would have surely collapsed as she felt a surge of desire overtake her entire being. Arnav feasted on her mouth, and as he felt her lips part in a gasp, his tongue entered and came in contact with hers, he saw her eyes fly open in shock.

She started into his passion drugged eyes, as he continued to devour her pliant lips. The more he played with her lips, the more her body began overflowing with desire. Reaching out Khushi captured the hard muscles of his shoulders beneath her fingers and reveled in the feel of his mouth working magic on hers.

His mouth never leaving hers, he shrugged off his coat and flung it aside, and pushed her back into the seat as he moved over her comfortably. Lifting his face to look at her, he reached out and stroked his thumb across her bottom lip, a lip still tingling from their kiss. Fighting the heat erupting in her stomach, Khushi licked her lips as if relishing in the taste of him. She watched his pupils dilate at her sight of her tongue, and for the second him he groaned and smothered her with her fierce kiss.

Her hands that were clutching his shoulders moved tentatively towards his face, feeling his jaw line and moving up to wind themselves in his short crop of hair.

Arnav had already removed her dupatta and she now felt the cold rush of air on her exposed back, as he removed her kurta off her shoulders. He left her mouth to place small kisses along her neck towards her shoulder, while his hands unhooked her bra, taking the straps down with his mouth.

With her kurta pooled at her waist, Khushi resisted the urge to cover herself, as he moved away a to take in her pert breast, that seemed to be beckoning him to touch them.

She threw her head back in longing as she felt his rough hands on the soft skin of her breasts. And when his mouth joined his hands in his explorations, she bit her lip painfully, biting back the urge to call out his name.

She did not know when her hands had moved to his shirtfront, where they had unbuttoned and moved in to feel the tanned muscles of his chest.

Feeling his cool hands on his burning skin, Arnav lifted his head from her breasts and looked deeply into her eyes. His questioning gaze, asking if she was willing to go all the way, as there would be no turning back now.

Khushi met his gaze steadily, understanding each word that was reflected in them. Yes, she wanted this. She needed this, to get through the life that she would now lead without him. She needed this one last memory of them together, which would be just hers. After this she would agree to everything that her family wanted her to do. But just this night was hers. She wanted to give herself over to him completely.

She nodded shyly, lowering her eyes form the intensity of his gaze, to look at her hands on his masculine chest.

With a triumphant growl, he claimed her lips in a forceful kiss, his hands reaching down and removing the rest of her clothes.

‘Beautiful…’, he whispered hoarsely, as he watched her slim naked form. His hands slid over her legs and hips, palming her stomach, then cupping her breasts. His hands felt like liquid heat on her skin, making her shiver as they skimmed her body.

She curled shyly into him and dragged the tip of her tongue around the soft swirl of his ear. Her arms wrapped around him and she held him to her. He rolled his body on top of her and kissed her again. She twined her arms around his neck and kissed him back with renewed passion. He kissed her eyes and around to her ear.

Easing himself off her he reached down and unzipped his trousers, his eyes never leaving her’s. Khushi watched enthralled as he very easily removed them and reached out to gather her to him again. Kneeling in front of her, he drew her legs around his sides and slid inside her slowly, all the time taking in her reactions.

‘Khushi,’ he murmured, in a low, sexy drawl, his tone asking is she was all right. She could sense his entire body was tensed, wired, filled with desire.

Her soft moan was all the encouragement he needed as he began moving inside her and the strokes increased, slowly and deliberately. Her breathing came in short gasps. Her thighs quaked with tremors while she gripped him tighter with each stroke. She filled his ears with her moan. Those noises she made sounded like the most erotic music to him. It pushed him over the edge.

He began moving inside her, setting a rhythm and igniting their passion. He felt her body clench and her eyes fly open to stare at him wondrously as she felt herself reach a climax. He had never seen a more beautiful expression on her face ever, Arnav wondered as he called out her name, and his whole body clenched and tightened and gushed in one bodily orgasm.


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