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OS: Juice (Chicky & Janet)

Our version of how the episode would have played out after Arnav drinks the juice that Khushi had tampered with.

OS: Juice
- Chicky & Janet

Arnav stared in horror at his laptop screen. Images of Khushi running into his room in his absence flashed before him. He stifled another cough, as he watched her kneeling near his table and adding something to his juice before running to hide behind the curtain.

'What the…' he wondered, his temper rising at her foolish antics. Why the hell did she not leave his personal things alone, he muttered angrily. What was this juvenile behavior that drove her to these tricks … that always somehow or the other ruined his official work.

A timid knock on the door, diverted his attention, and he saw her faint shadow through the glass pane, his anger rising at her nerve. After all that, she had the guts to come back to his room … for what … to enjoy his discomfiture …

Getting up suddenly, he stormed towards the door, wanting to give her a piece of his mind. She had gone too far this time. As it is, he was forced to work from home because of the sentimental blackmailing of Di; added to that a continuous circus that was going on in his house in the name of a festival and now this … ruining his important conference call by juvenile tricks.

He watched her peep in nervously through the opening door.

'Vo … hume aapse kuch …' she started softly, standing timidly, a glass in her hand.

'SHHH...' Grabbing her hand he pulled her towards his laptop that lay on the table. With a furious expression, he watched her take in the recorded images of herself on the screen, spiking his juice and then running to hide behind the curtain. As she watching the recordings, her hand flew in horror to her mouth, and she turned her wide, anxious eyes towards him, taking in his furious expression, and clenched jaw. Devi mayyiya was most certainly annoyed with her these days, it seemed, Khushi thought, her mind searching frantically for an answer to that cold stare. Would he believe her if she told him the truth … told him that she had come up again to apologize for what she had done? That she had only done it in a reaction to seeing him …

'I told you to leave my things alone, didn't I,' he ground out, not giving her a chance to speak, his hand still firm on her wrist, biting into her soft skin.
Khushi stared at him, speechless, as she registered the cold soft voice that she had not heard for some time now. Ever since his visit to the hospital that day, she had been exposed to a side of him that she did not know existed. The awkward solace he had offered her the day she had gone to clear the hospital bills, the way he had taken the blame of the broken vase on himself … the way he had untangled the lights from her …

'I'm speaking to you Khushi Kumari Gupta …' he hissed through clenched teeth, tugging her wrist painfully, bringing her thoughts back to the present. 'How many times have I told you …'

"Arnav ji" she said urgently, turning to face him completely, pulling her wrist out of his hand before starting to ramble. "Arnav ji hume maaf kijiye.. hume pata nahi tha ki vo neembu mirchi Anjali ji ne aapko diya thaa.. aap vo ped pe baandh rahe the aur hume dekhka aise mantra bhi bol rahe the naa toh hume laga ... matlab buaji ne bhi kaale jaadu ke baare mei hume bataaya tha…"

Arnav, forgetting his anger, looked at her quizzically. What was she going on about now, he wondered as he watched in awe, her continuing without even stopping to breathe "Hume laga ye dhak dhak aur acidity ki vaje yahi hai toh hum bas aapko woh mantra bolne se rokna chahte the... hume sachmei nahi pata tha ki aapka meeting tha aur ye toh bilkul nahi pata tha ki Anjali ji ne aapko ye diya tha... isiliye Anjai ji se aapka kaadha leke hum aaye the... aapko yahi bataane aaye the aur maafi maangne aaye the..." she stopped, seeing the perplexed look that he was now giving her.

Arnav blinked trying to decipher at least a quarter of what she had said, and heard her add softly "hum jaante hai ki humse galti huyi hai aur hume iski sazaa bhi milni chahiye."

His expression hardened again as he her heard her apologize. "Sazaa?" he asked coldly, wondering what on earth she was saying now. "Kaisi sazaa?"

He watched as her eyes darted around nervously. A cough racked him again as he saw her rush around the table. Looking back, half expecting to see her run out of the room, he saw her pick up his half empty juice glass and drink the contents. Realizing in horror what she was doing, he rushed to stop her, closing his hand over hers on the glass just as she finished its entire contents.

They stared at each other wide-eyed for a few seconds, Arnav still holding Khushi's hand over the glass. He started "paagal ho gayi ho tum?.." just as she was also attacked with a bout of coughs.

The sound of her coughing made Arnav jerk out of his thoughts and he gently took the empty glass from her, placing it on the table instead. He looked around for water and saw the dark brown liquid filled glass that she was holding in her other trembling hand. Taking it from her he brought it to her lips saying "ye kaadha hai na? Piyo jaldi se..."

Between her coughs, she shook her head stubbornly, ignoring his disbelieving 'What the!'

'Maine kahaa piyo isse!" he reiterated roughly, as she continued to cough. Shaking her head repeatedly she managed to say "Ye... ye... aap-aapke liye hai"
Shaking his head in disbelief, with a muttered 'unbelievable', he took the glass to her lips again only to have her push it away, still coughing.
'Khushi, I'm better now, tumhe iski zarurat hai…' he started then closing his eyes for a second, continued "Fine, tum thoda peelo phir mai pi loonga".

She looked at him for a second before taking a few tentative sips of the sweet sticky liquid that immediately soothed her irritated throat. As her coughing subsided a bit, she looked up at him in anticipation. Shaking his head ruefully at her stubbornness, he took two large gulps and brought it back to her lips saying in his husky voice, 'Now finish it.'

When he was sure she had finished the remaining liquid he returned the empty glass to the table. He heard her clear her throat again as he rose from his task. Must have been the concentrated powder at the bottom of the juice that she had finished, he realized, that was still having its effect on her. Instinctively, he moved in behind her and reached out to pat her on her back.

Her exposed skin under the deep neckline felt cool against his warm hand, and she shivered as soon as she felt his touch. He felt her go still as his hand stopped its rough patting motion, to remain lightly where it was against her back. The trinkets attached to the dori trying her kurta together, gently bounced against his hand, as he moved it tentatively to feel her soft skin. His hand seemed to have a mind of its own, as it continued to explore her silky back moving up towards her shoulders.

Khushi shut her eyes, as a million sensations rushed through her at his touch. Her body stiffened, then relaxed. Any thought of resisting him was destroyed as she felt her body respond and rejoice at being touched by a man it seemed to have an affinity with.

'Khushi,' he murmured, in a low, sexy drawl, recapturing her attention. She drew in an unsteady breath as heat poured through her. His fingers were on the dori of her kurta now, removing the obstacle that was stalling in his explorations.

She shuddered as she felt the strings come apart under his deft fingers, her mind under the spell of his warm tingling touch. Somewhere, a voice was calling out to her … but Khushi wanted to stay where she was, within his embrace.

Arnav felt her reel under his touch and reached up and steadied her by placing his other hand on her waist.

'Chote? … Khushiji?' … Anjali's questioning voice, from outside the room, broke into their befuddled minds.

Coming to his senses, Arnav swiftly pushed Khushi behind himself, covering her with his own body, as he stood to face Di who entered his room, seconds later.

'Kaadha pee liya?' she asked walking towards Arnav.

Not realizing why Arnav had pushed her behind him, Khushi stepped forward, trying to speak, but ending up coughing and clearing her throat. As Anjali looked at her concerned saying 'aap bhi khaas rahi hai Khushi ji?', Arnav stepped between them again and said 'Haan Di lekin she's fine, kaadha pi liya issne.' Damn, her dori was still open, and she had not even realized it, he tried anxiously to keep her behind himself.

"Oh toh tumhaare liye duusra bhejti hu," said Anjali continued innocently, unaware of the tension in the room.

'Nahi Di maine bhi pi liya' he blurted out unthinkingly, his attempts to keep Khushi's open dori turned away from Anjali, uppermost in his mind.

Anjali stopped and looked between Arnav and Khushi.

"Vo er … Di ... mai pi hi raha tha aur issko bhi khaasi aa gayi aur paani bhi nahi tha kamre mei toh kaadha hi de diya ..." he muttered as he noticed her quizzical expression. 'I don't know why I pay people, mere kamre mei ek glass paani bhi nahi rakha hai Omprakash ne', he mumbled, trying to change the topic.

'Bas bas, Chote koi baat nahi.. Achcha hi hua ki dono ne pi liya,' said Anjali smiling. 'Vaise bhi jootha peene se pyaar badta hai,' she added naughtily.

Both Arnav and Khushi stared at Anjali, stunned. 'Humaara matlab hai ki aap dono toh ladte hi rehte ho na.' said Anjali 'toh iss vaje se humne kahaa ki achcha hua dono ne kaadha pee liya. Neeche chale, Khushi ji?'
Khushi had been looking everywhere except at Arnav and had been relentlessly playing with her dupatta. She needed to get out of his presence somehow as she willed herself to not think of what happened before Anjali came, or worse, what would've happened if she hadn't come.

Jumping at the chance, Khushi rushed forward saying 'Ji Anjali ji, chaliye'.
Arnav grabbed her elbow to pull her right back and told Anjali, 'Di aap chaliye, issne mere kamre mei mitti daali hai, saaf karke neeche aa jaayegi'
'Arre Chote, Omprakash kar dega, tum...' Di suggested taking in Khushi's frantic expression.
'Nahi Di, issne galti ki hai toh issko hi saaf karna padega, aap chaliye.' He stated firmly, dismissing her.
Anjali shook her head and gave a helpless glance to Khushi before stepping out.
The silence and tension returned to the room as soon as Anjali stepped out. Khushi turned towards him accusingly and snatched her elbow out of his grip. 'Aap kya kar …' she said furiously.
Arnav reached up and placed his finger on her lips, whispering 'shhh.'
Khushi's eyes widened in horror, her parted lips tingling where the soft pad of his finger lay.
Arnav started as if enthralled at her pink lips. The soft trembling under his finger was enough to make him forget where they were, and what he had stopped her for. As if on its own accord, he reached out and stroked his thumb across her bottom lip, all the while staring into her wide passion-darkening eyes. Her lips parted helplessly, as he continued to rub his fingers across, mesmerized by the expressions flitting across her face. Khushi stared into his eyes, her mind telling her to move away, but her body unwilling to do so.
Taking all of his will power, Arnav slowly left her lips, to take her by the shoulders and turn her around, her back to him.
It was when she felt his warm fingers on her bare back that she remembered with a start the undone strings. A soft blush stole over her and she lowered her head, as she recalled him hiding her from Anjali again and again a short while ago.
So lost was she in her own thoughts, that she did not notice his trembling fingers as he retied the strings clumsily, staring at her bent head all the while. He smiled as he heard her indrawn breath, when his fingers touched her back repeatedly while finishing their job.
A determined smile tilted the corners of his mouth, as he watched her run out without looking back at him. She was not immune to his touch, after all. Next time, he'd make sure they were not disturbed, he vowed.

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