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OS: Cheques, Poolside, Love

OS: Cheques, Poolside, Love
Rating: 18+

Khushi had the cheque ready in her bag, the money that she owed him from the hospital. She also had the bundles of money that Arnav had thrown at her when he came to her house to get her back into RM for Anjali's sake. She had never used it and had been waiting to return it on her last day of work. Last day or not, it seemed right that after what happened, well, almost happened between them last night, she should return every one of his things to him before her engagement. That included the mannat ki chaabi that she kept carefully inside the envelope containing the cheque.

Khushi had been trying to get out of her house the whole day. She was hoping to give everything to Anjali while Arnav was at work. However, getting out of the house seemed more difficult than she imagine. Buaji had a million chores for her, not to mention the constant nagging about her impending engagement. Finally, at 6 in the evening, when Buaji had gone for a shower, she told Amma that she urgently needed to go to RM for a bit.

"Kya keh rahi ho Khushi? Itni der ho gayi hai. Lagta hai baarish bhi hogi. Kal subah chali jaana."

"Nahi Amma, hume aaj hi jaana hoga. Kal toh Panditji aayenge sagai ki taareekh nikalvane. Uske pehle hume ye kaam khatam karna hi hai."

"Khushi zidd mat karo beta. Andhera ho raha hai aur baarish bhi.."

"Nahi Amma. Hum jaldi se aa jaayenge. Jaana toh hume aaj hi hoga."

Amma sighed and said "Achcha theek hai. Phone le jaana aur baarish shuru ho jaaye toh andhere mei akele vaapis mat aana."

"Ji Amma. Hum jaldi aa jaayenge."

It had started pouring by the time Khushi left. Thanks to the traffic and the rains, it was past 8 when Khushi reached RM. Just as she was going to ring the bell, her phone rang. Amma wanted to know why she hadn't reached home. She explained that the traffic and the rain was really bad and she had just reached. Amma was adamant that she should not come back alone since it would be late by the time she finished. Amma suggested that she stay back in RM with Lavanya. To get Amma to hang up and to ensure that she didn't worry, Khushi agreed that she'll stay back. As she rang the bell, she thought she would quickly hand over everything to Anjali and get out as soon as she could and go back home without letting her Amma know until she reached.

Omprakash looked mighty relieved to see her when he opened the door. Letting her in, he stepped out and said "Bhagwan ka lakh shukar hai ki aap gayi Khushiji. Aap zara ye darwaaza lock kardijiye. Hume ghar jaane ke liye bahut der ho rahi hai aur Arnav bhaiyya ko neeche aake darwaaza band karne ko bolne ki himmat nahi ho rahi thi. Woh upar apne kamre mei hai, aap darwaaza band karke jaake mil lijiye. Chalte hai"

By the time Khushi processed half of what he said, Omprakash was gone. She locked the door and turned around, swallowing. Did that mean there was no one except Arnav at home? How is that possible? It's past 8, where will everyone go at this time? Was she now supposed to go to Arnav's room and give him everything? So much for avoiding a meeting with him, she thought wryly.

She was standing near the stairs considering her options. Even if she decided to turn around and leave, she could not leave the door open. Sighing, she started climbing the stairs, when she heard Arnav calling out "Omprakash, thoda paani le aao upar." Thinking of ignoring him, she climbed another stair before deciding to get him some water in case it's for his medicine or something.

Khushi felt the familiar thudding in her heart as she stood with a bottle and knocked on Arnav's door. "Haan yahaa le aao" he called out faintly. Stepping in tentatively, she saw that he wasn't in his room. Walking in, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him near the pool, leaning against the very wall where he almost kissed her around 24 hours ago. Closing her eyes briefly against a barrage of emotions, she walked outside the room and placed the bottle on the table near the pool.

Hearing the sound, Arnav turned his head only to have his heart skip a beat as he saw Khushi standing there. If he had not felt her presence as always a few moments ago, he would've thought that she was a figment of his imagination, conjured by all the dreams and thoughts haunting his mind in the past day.

They stared at each other for a few moments before Khushi cleared her throat and began to talk "Woh.. Omprakashji abhi abhi ghar chale gaye. Unhe der ho rahi thi aur woh aapko bulaana nahi chahte the darwaaza band karne ke liye. Hum.. hum itni raat ko nahi aana chahte the par.. matlab hum ghar se do ghante pehle nikle the par traffic aur baarish ki vaje se.. woh hume Anjaliji se milna tha ... woh kab tak.." In spite of constantly telling herself that she will not let herself be affected by him, she could not take his intense gaze anymore as she trailed off and looked away.

"Di aur baaki sab subah tak aayenge ... Kisi puja mei gaye hai jo raat bhar chalegi" he said almost huskily. She had filled every single second of his thoughts and dreams after he left her at her doorstep the previous night. His disturbed sleep was filled with images of him holding her, touching her. Images of what would've happened if his phone hadn't started ringing at that moment. Several times during the day, he had to physically stop himself from going and catching a glimpse of her. He was thinking of the whole day and now when she was standing in front of him, he was just drinking her in.

He seems to have no problem looking at me like always, she thought. Like he needed to make a sketch of me later from his memory. Like he had a right to. But, he doesn't. She held her head high again, and looking into his eyes said "Oh achcha. Milna toh hume unse hi tha par koi baat nahi. Aakhir aap hi ki cheezei lautaani thi toh achcha hai ki aap hi mil gaye." She took out the two envelopes and kept it on the table "Ye aapki kuch cheezei hai. Bas yahi lautaana tha aapko."

Without breaking eye contact, Arnav started walking towards her, as if in a trance. Fleetingly, she wondered if this was deja vu. Just like he walked towards her yesterday. Not this time though, she thought bravely as she fought with her senses to stand her ground and not walk back as he came to stop a feet away from her. Bending down, he picked up the envelopes and said "Kya hai issme?"

He looked at the bundles of money in one and raised an eyebrow at her. She looked at him and said "Ye woh paise hai jo aapne humaare muh par pheka tha uss din jab aap ghar aaye the hume Anjali ji ke liye manaane. Humne sambhaal ke rakhe thi aapko kabhi vaapis karne ke liye. Lekin pichle kuch dino mei itna kuch ho ki hum bhool hi gaye the." She saw something flash in his eyes before he looked at the other envelope. "Ye un paiso ka cheque hai jo aapne hospital mei hume diya they." Again, he looked at her before frowning and looking into the envelope as he felt some metal.

He looked up at her disbelievingly when he saw his mannat ki chaabi inside the envelope. "Ye mannat ki chaabi? All those months ago? From the dargah? Tumne abhi tak sambhaalke rakhi hai?" he said incredulously. Then, stepping closer, he said softly "Kyu?"

Refusing to step back, she looked him in the eye and said "Ussi vaje se jiss vaje se aapne humaari payal sambhaalke rakhi thi. Matlab koi vaje hi nahi hai. Aapko bhi apni cheezei yahaa wahaa chodne ki aadat hai. Lekin hum bhi isse seene se lagaake nahi baithe the."

She felt some satisfaction when she saw his jaws clench. Past caring now, she continued, "Aur sahi kahaa aapne. Hume bhi koi farak nahi padta. Uss baat ki ya aapki humaare liye bhi koi ehmiyat nahi hai. Aur achcha hai ki nahi hai. Vaise bhi humaari sagai tai ho gayi hai. Aur kal taareekh bhi pakki ho jaayegi. Hum bhi chaahte the ki usse pehle aapki har cheez hum aapko lauta de taaki aap bhi ye na samjhe ki hum usko seene se lagaake baithe hai. Samjhe aap!"

She saw him freeze the moment she spoke about her engagement. But, she had gone on, wanting to twist the knife, just like he did last night. Now, as she felt the sadistic pleasure, she wanted to leave before the tears started. She turned around to leave only to have him grab her elbow and whirl her around. "Hume haath mat lagaayiye" she shouted before pushing at his chest with all her might. Not expecting it, Arnav stumbled back and felt himself step on air as he fell into the pool. He saw Khushi's eyes widen as she gasped and lunged forward to grab his arms to prevent the fall, but it was too late and he was too heavy for her strength as she got pulled onto him. He wrapped his arms around her just as his back hit the water, and the cold dark depths engulfed them.

They spluttered up to the surface within seconds, the cold water numbing them completely. Inches away from her drenched face Arnav started at her completely enthralled, as he felt his sane thoughts vanish completely. His eyes took on a dreamy look, as he watched her quivering lips, and shivering body that clung to his shoulders while her still held her around her slim waist. He knew her pearly skin would be soft under his touch, and he had an urge to find out for himself.

Khushi started back watching the play of emotions on his face, as he stared intently at her lips. She watched in fascination, cold forgotten, as he slowly bent towards her and closed the distance between them, touching her lips with his in a soft tentative kiss. Her body stiffened, her nails biting into his shoulder, as she felt him deepen the kiss. He continued to devour her pliant lips, coaxing them apart, and she relaxed as any thought of resisting him was destroyed, the second his tongue entered her mouth.

His mouth was hot and sweet. She heard herself moaning deep in the back of her throat. He wrapped his fingers in her hair to hold her mouth in place, as if she could possibly think of going anywhere.

The sudden pitter-patter of rain broke into their kiss and he slowly lifted his mouth from hers. She felt him untangle his fingers from her hair and realized that any attempt to pretend she hadn’t been affected by his kiss would be futile, because she had been affected and had a feeling he knew it.

Before she could react to anything, he had dumped her out on the edge, out of the water, leaping out himself in one fluid motion. She drew an unsteady breath as she watched the clothes clinging to his muscular torso, and held back her hands that were itching to reach out and touch him.

Within seconds he had lifted her effortlessly and carried her drenched body through the now pouring rain, into his room.

Setting her down, on the tiled bathroom floor, he reached out behind her to pick up towel. His eyes met hers as she looked and she hoped he didn’t detect the desire that was running inside her; however, judging by the dark, hot look in his eyes, he did.

A determined smile tilted the corners of his, and for the second time that day she didn’t resist him when he smoothly pulled her into his arms and took her mouth with the ease and experience of a man who knew what he wanted. And he wanted her. He wanted her now.

Khushi was helpless to do anything but follow his lead, especially when her body was singing a song of its own.

He thoroughly explored her mouth with his tongue, making her weak with desire and her body consumed with need. She gasped audibly as she felt his hands touch her bottom, bringing her even closer to him. Passion, the likes of which she had never felt took over, sending her mind reeling and her body burning.

When one of his hands left her bottom to cup her breast, teasing the tip with his thumb, she moaned deep within her throat.

Arnav’s tongue was in control, and Khushi went where he led, seeking, devouring, eating away at her with a hunger that made her knees weaken and her heart race. She wrapped her arms around him, feeling the hardness of him.

His fingers slipped back towards the dori of her kurta, opening it in one deft motion, while unzipping the back. Pulling it down off her shoulders, where it pooled around her waist, his mouth began devouring her breasts. He seemed to be staking a claim, reaffirming what had always been his. When his mouth moved back to hers, demanding her response, it robbed her of any conscious thought other than how he was making her feel.

Arnav marveled at how warm and smooth her skin was, as he played with her full soft breasts, enjoying the look in her passion-drugged eyes.

He heard her whimper, with a smile of his face, as he broke away from the kiss, to pick her up and carry her out into his room … onto the waiting bed.

Khushi was lost in a whirlpool of emotions, and watched as he slowly undressed her, touching each part he exposed with a soft sensual kiss. He admired each curve, fullness, and lushness that he discovered as he stroked her everywhere, beginning with her breasts before moving lower between her legs.

There his hand found the treasure he sought. She was hot to his fingers, exceedingly wet. He began stroking her while whispering just what he wanted to do to her, and watched as she writhed under his ministrations. He wanted to teach her everything tonight, to show her his love.

He knelt on the bed, driven to taste her all over and began spreading kisses all over her body, paying special homage to her breasts, flicking his tongue over the swollen nipples. And when he heard her soft, throaty breath catch, he was determined to take her with him, to heights they had never been before.

Holding her hips firmly in his hand he lowered his mouth past her navel and felt her body clench in surprise, then heard the sounds of shocked pleasure that erupted from deep in her throat when his tongue delved into the very essence of her, loving it, cherishing it.

He heard her call out his name when his tongue began stroking her in a way it had never done before. Taking his hand he gently widened her legs, determined to get everything he wanted. With the heat of his mouth he showed her just what she meant to him.

Her nails clawed his back, and when he felt her body tense, he swiftly moved in place over her. Their gazes met the moment his body entered hers as his hand grabbed her hips and lifted her to go deeper.

"Ahh." He released a long sigh and a deep shuddering breath when her inner muscles tightened around him. Her small cry of pain stopped him for a second; he just remained still in that position, savoring the feel of being inside of her, connected to her, one with her.

‘Don’t stop.’

Her words destroyed the very last vestige of his control and restraint, opening a floodgate of desire. He began moving and the strokes increased. His thrusts became extensive. His mind began spinning out of control. His body followed, and when he felt her body let go as an orgasm shook her, he screamed her name and pushed deeper inside as an orgasm tore through him as well.

Lowering his head, he consumed her lips, her mouth, and her tongue. She was back in his arms, and he was back inside her body, and there was no way he was ever going to let her go.

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