Monday, 6 February 2012

OS: Sikha Paogi?

OS: Sikha Paogi? (Happy budday, Chicky)

Khushi walked into the room to see Lavanya punching into her phone, her face a reflection of annoyance and irritation.

"Kya hua Lavanya ji? Aap itni pareshaan kyu lag rahi hai?" said Khushi sitting next to her, placing her hand on her shoulder.

Lavanya got up and started pacing. "Oh God Chamkili pucho mat. Ye ASR ka gussa na. Mai khush thi ki aaj subah se woh mere saath time spend kar rahe hai, mujhse baat kar rahe hai. Yahaa tak ki shopping ke liye bhi baahar aaye, aur ghar pe bhi jewellery khareedne ke time pe the. Isiliye toh mai unke paas gayi thi angoothi ke baare mei puuchne ke liye. Itna gussa kia aur chillaye. Pata nahi kya ho jata hai. He's so scary."

Khushi sighed, painfully realizing why he behaved the way he did all day. She got up to stand next to Lavanya, and placed her hand on shoulder.

Arnav was on his way towards the door when he stopped by to catch a glimpse of Khushi, having avoided her after the fiasco in the clothes shop. He saw her put her hand on Lavanya's shoulder.

"Lavanyaji" she started "Aap pareshaan mat hoyiye. Humaari baat suniye. Aap Arnavji ke gusse pe mat jaayiye. Aapko toh pata hona chahiye ki woh har waqt gussa karte rehte hai. Lekin ye toh sirf unke baat karne ka tareeka hai na."

Arnav went still listening to her talk about him.

"No Chamkili, har waqt gusse mei hi rehte hai" said Lavanya irritably turning away.

"Nahi Lavanyaji" said Khushi turning around to face the window. She didn't see Lavanya walk out in annoyance pulling her phone to her ear. She didn't see Arnav walk in to stand behind her, watching her. "Hum ye nahi keh rahe ki unhe gussa nahi aata. Zaroor aata hai, aur ye humse zyaada kaun jaanta hai. Lekin jo har waqt woh gussa dikhaate hai woh bas issliye ki woh kisiko apne paas aane hi nahi dena chaahte hai. Woh sabse duur rehna chahte hai, isiliye toh gussa karte hai taaki sab darke unse duur rahe."

Arnav walked closer to her, his heart thudding against his chest as he heard her stand up for him.

She went closer to the window and continued "Ab aapki shaadi honewaali hai unse. Unke gusse ko samajhna hoga aapko. Unke gusse ke peeche chupe pyaar ko samajhkar unhe sambhaalna hoga aapko. Gusse mei woh apna dimaag hi nahi lagaate. Kuch bhi bolte hai aur kuch bhi karte hai. Issliye aap hi ko unhe sambhaalna hai. Ye samajhna hai ki gusse mei jo bhi woh bolte hai, woh sochke nahi bolte. Gusse mei woh apne aap ko bhi takleef pahunchaate hai. Aap hi ko unhe rokna hai."

Arnav felt his eyes well up as he wondered if she was reading off his mom's letter. Fleetingly, he wondered if his mom knew she was writing that letter to Khushi when she wrote it.

Khushi felt her eyes tear up as she said "Woh apne andar ke pyaar ko aur achchaayi ko dikhaana hi nahi chaahte. Kyunki woh usse apni kamzori samajhte hai. Aapko apne pyaar se hi unhe ye yakeen dilaana hai ki woh pyaar unki kamzori nahi unki sabse badi taakat hai."

Suddenly realizing that she may have spoken too much, she turned around saying "Dekhiye Lavanyaji.." and her words died on her lips as she looked into Arnav's intense eyes just a foot away. She could see a hint of moistness in his passionate eyes. She gulped as she realized that he must've heard her pouring her heart out. Her heart, which seemed to be now mostly filled with him.

Arnav closed the gap between them to back her up against the window, their bodies almost touching, and looking into her welled up eyes, whispered quietly "Itna sab kuch jo sirf tum jaanti ho mere baare mei, sikha paaogi kisi aur ko?"

Khushi felt a tear roll down her eyes as she swallowed. She knew she didn't have it in her to fight this moment. If he said anything else, she knew she would break down in his arms, just like in the hospital. So, she couldn't have been more glad to hear Anjali walk into the room saying "Khushi ji woh.."

Anjali stopped in her tracks as she saw Arnav standing almost touching Khushi against the window. Khushi side stepped Arnav and hurried past Anjali saying "Hum abhi aate hai Anjali ji" and Arnav continued to stand at the window staring ahead. Anjali saw Khushi's tear-stained cheek as she hurried past.

"Chote tumne kya kaha Khushi ji se?" started Anjali, but Arnav just turned and walked off into his room almost whispering "Not now, Di."


  1. i wish they had shown this on thw show..... .amzig ... i felt tear in my eye too

  2. I just love this it every few days!! I wish they showed this depth of love and understanding in the show...sometimes I find it all so shallow when they could do so much more with the depth of feelings Arnav and Khushi have for each other.

  3. wowwwwww...simply amazing...they shud appoint u as the writer

  4. Amazing is the only word!! Loved it!